The world is getting smaller as the world finds new ways to connect with one another, be it from the way we communicate to the way people get around. As a result, a large pool of opportunities have opened up and one of those opportunities comes in the form of carpooling. Competition is rife and stiff which lead some people to a state of confusion due to the sheer number of options that are available to use. Being able to differentiate between a taxi service like Uber, which is a taxi and commuting with other people to work is important.

Ways To Find Carpooling Apps In SA

A quick Google search is bound to bring up the most popular carpooling services first. There are, however, three ways of going about using carpooling services. The first option comes in the physical effort exerted in scrolling and navigating through a company’s website to look for a ride home, to work or across the country. The second option available is found on classifieds such as Gumtree and Craigslist RideShare. And the last option available at your disposal comes in the form of mobile applications that can be downloaded to your phone and add a personal touch to the lift club experience.

Types of Ridesharing Apps

UGOMyWay, Cartrip, Rideshare, RideGuru and Zimride are all examples of free carpooling apps that can be accessed to get from one place to another. Zimride, which caters for private use is free just like the other apps, but unlike the others doubles as a Facebook app as well. There are also lift club services offered by companies like Cartrip, Liftshare, LiftClub, Jump In and Find a Lift. Although most of these apps may be listed as free, you need to ensure that you read the fine print so that the money isn’t recuperated elsewhere from you and if it is, you are mindful of that fact.