Hitchhiking is an old, tried and tested method of getting around in places like South Africa and best of all, it works! With that said, out of this system of getting a ride based on luck and the generosity of the people that happen to pass by has come great innovation and in this modern day and age, and it’s known as carpooling. A ground-breaking way of getting from point a to point B by encompassing all the good parts of hitchhiking and mashing them together with technology to form an inventive incentivized way of travel from place to place that happens to be cost-effective.

Tips for The Modern Hitchhiker

Hitchhiking has garnered a bad rep over the years and no one should blame it. But there’s nothing wrong with doing it as some people find it as a relatively cheap way of getting around. For the uninitiated, the one thing that needs to be kept in mind is that unlike what you see in the movies, scoring a free ride to a faraway destination happens few and far between. Wiggling your thumb around one of our roads has its limitations, however, the biggest being that if it’s not on a national road like the N3, the chances of success drop drastically.

Carpooling an Innovative Industry

Carpooling is essentially just hitchhiking that went to private school. The basic premise of the two are the same, one has evolved over time while the other has adopted the use of technology for what it does. Although both specialise in the transportation of people the latter makes getting from home to work or even doing the school run that much easier. Most importantly, carpooling should not be confused with mobile taxi services like Lyft and Uber. But with the passage of time they may pose a serious problem to such industries and, if the price of fuel is any indication of the future, it will be soon.