Many locals consider Cape Town to be its own republic and with good reason. The city is designed to accommodate progress, from innovations that alleviate congestion to the road rules that govern cell phone usage whilst driving. Besides offering weather that is often similar to most European countries, this city is considered relatively safe.

Luckily for foreign nationals, experiencing this city means utilising current modes of transportation, which include carpooling or ride sharing. Finding a ride to work is a great way of expanding your social circle. Fortunately, there are sites you can use to find reliable and trustworthy people to share a lift to work.

The Social Acceptance Of Progress

Progress is essential and regardless of country or city, people often embrace that which works. The usefulness and usage of the carpooling service have caught on

like a fynbos fire. So much so, there are plenty of website and apps dedicated to this current niche and growing industry. This makes carpooling a no-brainer when it comes to going to work. There are many perks to taking advantage of this service which include savings on fuel, as the cost seems to rise constantly. Another factor is that public transportation is not often reliable, especially if you have an uncommon work schedule.

The Benefits To The Service User

Making use of a lift club solves most of the problems faced by a person on the move all at once. For starters, it’s a great way to save money as costs of the trip are shared between passengers and the driver, rather than the cost of the trip becoming the burden of one individual. Besides a sigh of relief from your wallet, the environment can also benefit from the use of carpooling services. This is because there are fewer cars on the road, meaning less emission out and about degrading the quality of air.