Many people are under the impression that hitching a ride from friend and carpooling are the same thing. Well they are not, sharing a ride just means being in the same car going somewhere. There are no discussions about pitching in for fuel unless it is a regular thing. People who usually get a ride from another don’t usually have their own vehicles. The latter however, refers to taking turns driving to work together in each other’s cars. So today will be your colleague’s car and the next day it will be yours.

It Is A Great Money Saver

Taking turns riding to work in each others cars, saves both drivers money. Fuel prices have gone up and anytime you are not using your car, you get to save up. This also means less kilometres used, which means you don’t have to take it in for service too often. For many this is the dream, getting to work daily and not being affected by the economy. You literally use your car every other day and for one trip and back, your savings will pile up. You can put that money away or use it for something constructive.

You Can Save Time As Well

Imagine if everyone was in a car with someone else, that means less cars on the roads. There is enough space for everyone to move through, so less congestion and traffic as well. You will be able to make it to work on time, without having to get up extra early in the morning. The thing about traffic is it is a result of too many cars on the roads at the same time. So most people are trying to get to work at that specific time. It would be great if people who live in the same area and work in the same area adopt this method, there will no longer be a time issue.